Lodge Brothers will give you peace of mind

On Saturday 15th June, Jill Palmer Funeral Arranger for Lodge Brothers in Windsor, took part in a 6.5 mile sponsored walk in aid of the Thames Valley Hospice.
Approximately 100 people took part, with a good mix of young and old. Most people had a story to tell about their reasons for participating – most seemed to have a personal connection with cancer and reflected on the impact it had on their lives.
Jill walked in memory of her two brothers, who both died of cancer in childhood.
She explained, “For me, the memory of Christopher and Antony are still as vivid as ever.  It is really good to see how families now have more opportunity to make a difference with events such as these.
I’m pleased that survival rates are better than ever, and the palliative care offered by the hospice movement is making a real difference to the lives of so many.”
“Despite their sad circumstances, family members were able to show a great deal of positivity, which is a great motivator to anyone who is currently dealing with the disease.”
Jill raised a total of £80 for the hospice. Well Done Jill!
Click here to find out more about Lodge Brothers Prepaid funerals
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Read about RUMM success stories


Kautex manufactures and supplies screen wash and headlamp cleaning systems for the automotive industry. Based in Hengoed, South Wales, the company operates a 13,500 square meter manufacturing and warehouse facility.

Already familiar with the benefits of an energy management solution having undertaken various energy reduction measures such as energy awareness training for all staff and implementation of lighting control systems, Kautex were keen to maintain its current plans for energy reduction and gain a better understanding of its energy consumption.

It employed RUMM to install a sub-metering (aM&T) network  and its proprietary Pulse (data collection unit) and IBASS (Internet Based Analytical Software Suite) energy management software.

The ultimate aim for Kautex was to create an intelligent energy management system that helped control consumption, minimise production costs, and provided them with a solution that controlled energy rather than relying on individuals to reduce costs.

In April 2009, RUMM installed a total of 13 sub-meters across the site. Data from the meters was then fed into the Pulse unit, giving Kautex not only the ability to see data from each individual meter but also create a virtual meter which showed where consumption took place on the remainder of the site.

Individual targets were then set to each machine so that the alarm system element of IBASS could notify relevant personnel of any spikes in consumption, or unexplained weekend usage.

As the laboratory facility at Kautex was also in use 24/7, the RUMM system was configured to allow for this in order to set a truer baseload that could be targeted for reduction.

Since installing the RUMM energy management solution, Kautex is en route to sustaining the 34% and 56% reduction in electricity and gas targeted for the year.

With the internet based system now in place, the Manufacturing Engineering Manager has also been able to delegate responsibility for energy reduction to plant managers. With a greater understanding of efficiency and production costs, it is now possible for the company to compare the costs of each kilogramme of product produced against each kilowatt of energy used.

Such is the success to date, the company is now in discussion with RUMM regarding expanding the system to install meters on compression units across the site.

RUMM can assist with energy management throughout all industries for more information click here  Energy savings hospital, Energy savings airports, Energy savings universities, Energy savings retail sector

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Bird Feed gift!

Are you looking for a great gift for a loved one or something for yourself?

The Travelling Souk have this beautiful heart shaped bird feeder. - Bird feeder in heart shape made from lightweight polystone. Includes chain and hook for hanging.

Its a great thing to own and the price is spot on!

The Grimski and Hutch is a vendor on The Travelling Souk where you can fine Unique Gifts, Gift Ideas, Unusual Products, Personalised Gift Ideas and Handmade Gifts!

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Keep you house eco with Eco Textiles

Buying eco textiles for your eco home not only says something about your green views, but can also help pressure the textile industry to be more environmentally friendly.

The eco textiles industry is the world’s number one industrial water polluter. It uses millions of gallons of water to dissolve chemicals, dyes and detergents, which are then poured into the local water system where they can damage plant life, wildlife and seep into the groundwater.

Consequently, textile manufacturers are now being pressured to adopt more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, such as being more energy efficient and recycling water. A lot of this pressure is being applied by the clothing industry, because eco textiles are becoming more popular all the time, both for use in fashion and in eco homes.

The growing popularity of eco textiles in fashion

The fashion industry has a bad reputation for designing throw away clothes at the lowest cost to producers, whilst at a high cost to the environment. But now the trend towards sustainability is influencing the clothes people buy on the high street.

Now trendy labels, top designers and catwalk models all want to be associated with a more sustainable way of manufacturing textiles. This means a greater availability of eco textiles for your eco home.

Ethical fashion encompasses reducing child labour, improving wages for workers in third world countries and making textiles from sustainable materials.

Eco textiles are more sustainable

Synthetic textiles, such as polyester, acrylic and nylon, are all made from petroleum, which is very energy intensive and polluting to manufacture. However, there are greener materials available though for use in your eco house.

Eco textiles are made from natural materials. This includes animal wool and plant fibres, such as organic cotton, hemp, jute, bamboo or linen. Eco textiles can be harvested over and over again and are more energy efficient to produce than synthetics.

Cotton, for example, is the most widely grown textile material in the world, but is also the most chemically intensive to harvest. It’s estimated that cotton crops use a quarter of the world’s insecticides and 10% of its pesticides.

But organic cotton is far more environmentally friendly. The greener harvesting methods used to grow organic cotton means it’s free of toxic chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

So when buying textiles materials for your eco home, make sure they’re eco textiles. This will help keep pressure on the textile industry to be more environmentally friendly in how it operates.

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Garden pail for the keen gardener

This wonderful garden pail is made from jute and canvas, it features strong jute handles and six pockets around the outside, perfect for gloves, tools etc….  It is an extremely useful piece of gardening equipment and the perfect gift for a keen gardener.  30cm high.

The Carrier Company is a vendor on The Travelling Souk where you can fine Unique Gifts, Gift Ideas, Unusual Products, Personalised Gift Ideas and Handmade Gifts!

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Loft Conversions in SW London

South London Refurbishments offer reliable builders South London, maintenance and refurbishment services for Private and Business Customers. South London Refurbishments works on both residential and commercial properties. We can build a house extension, loft conversion, update or renovate your house, or only bathroom, kitchen, living space or an office. We provide completely free and reasonably priced, no-obligations estimates and will visit you when it best suits you.

We are nearing to an end of a loft conversion in South London, Clapham Junction.  Originally it started as a bedroom with en-suite loft conversion however it is now a bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe.  We have been working closely with our structural engineer, architect and have regular contact with the Building Control. We are at the stage where we are plastering the walls and we will be starting the decoration shortly.

In the meantime, we have started the ground-work for the wrap-around extension.  If the weather is kind to us (not at the moment!), we shall be doing the foundation and then erect the walls shortly.

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IPL Treatments in London

Whether you are looking for a deeply relaxing massage to melt your stresses away, an invigorating facial to leave your skin perfectly nourished or some essential plucking and preening, Büty’s holistic health and beauty studios are the only place to be.

Re-connect with your mind, re-energise your body and refresh your spirit as you relax in the minimalist chic surroundings of the Fulham or Hammersmith studios. Each salon offers a unique experience, worlds apart from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

The sophisticated service is a high industry benchmark and ensures that you’ll leave walking on air and feeling better both inside and out.

From facials to IPL treatments London. Enjoy the full range of beauty treatments that you would expect from a top Beauty Salon that caters to a sophisticated London clientele that is renowned for knowing the importance of not only looking good on the outside, but also feeling good on the inside.

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Lodge brothers are the very best Funeral directors. The family you can turn to.

Lodge Brothers was started in Feltham, Middlesex by James Lodge (1762-1836) who was a builder and carpenter and also became the Parish Clerk. James was born in Marnhull, Dorset and was one of seven children. His father died when he was four and his mother when he was thirteen so James and his sibling became orphans. Legend has it that he left Marnhull to escape the Press Gangs and was making his way to London when he happened on the village of Feltham and decided to settle there rather than continue to London.

Lodge brothers are the very best Funeral directors. The family you can turn to.

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Architects in London – DBLO

dblo associates studio brings together a team of architects with a wide experience and knowledge across a variety of project and contract types. dblo associates work covers architecture, interior design, development & Commercial refurbishment London. Working as a studio, allows us the flexibility to expand and contract to suit work loads and to draw on the wider expertise of our associate studios across London. We believe that the quality of our surrounding have a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether in public, the work place, or the home. dblo associates is an organisation dedicated to creating and enhancing value through design.

Commercial refurbishment London examples: Click here

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Whether you are a business traveller or vacationer you are guaranteed to find yourself truly at home, able to experience the city just as the locals do.

All our holiday flats London are fully furnished to a modern 2-Star tourist board standard. And because you are self-catering you are saving money. Typical 2-Star hotels in the area cost an average of GBP 60 per night. Our prices start at just GBP 27. That means you could save over GBP 1,000 a month!

With a minimum one-day stay, our studios are ideal for self-catering holidays, temporary accommodation or corporate housing. They are larger than a hotel room. They have a homely, more comfortable atmosphere. And, as they have their own cooking facilities, they give you far more flexibility and convenience.

Each studio is fully equipped with all the creature comforts you could need. And, of course, you can let go, totally de-stress and pamper yourself in our fabulous Spa without ever having to leave your new home. To find out more simply click on individual apartments for property pictures, a full description and pricing details. Last minute discounts are sometimes also available, please click here to check our special offers page.

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