Garden Lanterns

Enhance your garden’s ambiance with a collection of beautiful garden lanterns from The Travelling Souk. This gorgeous Retro Square Lantern is a favourite of ours. Its made of cotton so is long lasting, and folds down flat for easy storage over the winter. It looks stunning hanging from a tree, fence or parasol. It holds a small tea light candle like many of our other garden lanterns. We have a selection of metal tea light lanterns as well as some colourful glass tea light holders that will brighten up your BBQs.

If you are looking for larger garden lanterns for candles, then this Arabian Nights Large Outdoor Lantern might be for you. It is crafted from nickel and iron and has a beautiful cut out design in the top creating this distinctive arabesque look.

If you are after something a little more rustic, then a wooden lantern may be more your style. These interesting Shutter Lanternsare very unique and stylish and would make a unusual gift for your loved ones. They come in black and white and have a glass candle holder that fits inside. You can have the shutters as open or closed as you like, which is great when there is a slight breeze; just close the shutters slightly to protect your flame from mother nature.

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